Empower Your AI Journey

SkyNet AI is an educational startup incubator focused on AI-driven ventures. You will go through a six-month program: three months of intensive development and three months of fundraising support. Our unique approach pairs subject matter experts with technical specialists, providing you with the necessary skills to build and scale AI startups.

With us you will get:

1. Team Formation: Match subject matter experts with technical specialists.
2. Educational Programs:
- Technical Training: Teach technical experts AI development and full stack development.
- Business Training: Educate subject matter experts on startup development, funding strategies, and project management.
3. Development Support: Hands-on assistance with product development and technical implementation.
4. Fundraising Support: Guidance and resources for securing seed funding.
5. Mentorship and Networking: Access to a network of mentors, investors, and industry experts.

What is required of you:

1. True interest and drive to create a successful AI startup.

2. A go-getter mentality, willing to step in and get it done, regardless of how big or small the task may seem.

3. We understand many are working full-time while in the program, but we ask that you be able to dedicate an average of 10 to 20 hours a week, involving both meetings and work time.